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If you’re new to writing reviews and then tried to write a review on the big review sites, you might notice it can be a hassle because of  new account creation and multiple required steps. In addition to that many new reviews will be marked as spam by filters, whether the review is positive or negative,  to entice the person to write more reviews.

This website offers patients of Maryland Dental Center to easily express their reviews, opinions, and comments on their experiences at the office. It also serves a dual function by letting new patients and interested persons read the aforementioned reviews.

All of the reviews submitted will be moderated and have to be approved because you know… this is the internet. While pruning for spam and too-amazing-to-be-true Viagra deals it is also necessary to edit out too personal of information, hateful/racist remarks, and anything maybe too extreme. Also your e-mail is safe with us — it is strictly between patients and the office. We will never sell or give out your e-mails.

Thank you.

– Maryland Dental Center Team

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